A globalist lobby group wants Canada’s population to hit 100 million — and Trudeau agrees.

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I came across a video on Twitter the other day. It’s two minutes long, but I'll show it to you in full.

It’s a video produced by a lobby group called Century Initiative.

It’s basically a consortium of banks, one-world government types and Muslim activists:

Dominic Barton, its founder, is now Trudeau’s new ambassador to China (whom China itself vetted and approved, if you can believe it.) You’ve got Monia Mazigh, the extremists NDP Muslim activist, wife of Maher Arar, and Hassan Yussuff, from the Canadian Labour Congress.

But mainly you’ve got global banks and bankers.

And they want to literally erase Canada’s borders — then triple Canada’s population. To literally dump so many migrants into Canada that our population would reach 100 million.

The first thing I noticed in that video was how they showed big, open spaces with no people in them. The fields, the forests, and even when they showed cities, they were pretty un-crowded.

But those aren't places where migrants live. They move to Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.

Have you ever driven in Toronto or Vancouver traffic? Have you ever tried to buy a house, or rent a condo in Toronto or Vancouver? Now imagine dumping 65 million more people into Canada.

It wouldn’t work; it couldn’t work. Toronto would become as crowded as Karachi. Vancouver would become as crowded as Beijing.

It’s true, technically, that Canada is the second-largest country in the world by geography. But 90 per cent of our people live within an hour of the U.S. border. Our north is barren because it’s cold; permafrost covers most of it; Even in the height of summer, it only thaws about 18 inches down.

In northern towns like Inuvik, everyone needs about $100,000 just to fly the flag up there, so the Russians and Danes don’t just take the land. But nothing grows up there; all food has to be imported.

I notice that everyone in the video looked very modern and First World. The pitch was that we’d be bringing in people of the highest education, but that’s not who is coming to our country now, and that’s certainly not who would come here if we tried to jam in nearly a million people a year.

Right now, fewer than half of Canada’s migrants have any sort of skill or economic value — most are either family members, like grandparents who have no language skills, no job skills, but are ready to take pensions and free health care.

This is a patently absurd idea. But it’s absolutely supported by Trudeau’s inner circle:

By his immigration minister; by his ambassador to China; by Goldy Hyder, the globalist head of the Business Council of Canada; by university bureaucrats who love taking money from China, and Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Everybody loves this idea — the banks, academia, the media — except Canadian citizens.

Which is probably why they’re not asking us about it — they’re telling us about it.

NEXT: Tanya Granic Allen, former Ontario PC leadership candidate, and child & parental rights advocate, joins me for a post-election post mortem. 

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  • By David Menzies

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