Trudeau plans MORE Internet censorship during the next election (and the CBC loves the idea)

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We all know that Justin Trudeau wants to censor the internet. But do you know who wants that even more?

The CBC. Because when they think of election “meddling,” what they really mean is, someone saying something they disagree with:

'More needs to be done,' Gould says after some online election meddling detected

"There were attempts to spread misinformation or disinformation, officials confirm”.

The government has to step up its fight against online disinformation in the wake of the federal election, says Democratic Institutions Minister Karina Gould.

What did those officials say? Who were they? I'll quote one of them, in full:

"Yes, there have been some activities observed, none of which met the threshold as identified by the panel," said Stéphane Shank, manager of media relations for the Privy Council Office. "Therefore, no public communications.

"The panel made some observations but did not observe a level of activity that would warrant a public announcement or meet the threshold that would then take the next step to make a public announcement on whether Canada's ability to have a free and fair election was compromised.”

So according to this official, there was nothing of note.

Yet the CBC’s headline said the government needs to do more, and their sub-headline said officials "confirmed interference."

But in fact the Canadian official confirmed no such thing; more experts, from the UK, are quoted as saying that the election chatter on Twitter was 98 per cent authentic. And even a Liberal who runs Facebook said they didn’t detect anything.

But Trudeau knows he wants to censor his enemies. And the CBC knows it too.

It’s not just them:

TONIGHT I'll take you through a story about #wexit "bots" that CTV ran (and then had to secretly edit when one of those "bots" turned out to be a very real First Nations woman.)

Yeah, I’m not worried about some guy on Facebook who says that Trudeau had an affair with a teenager at West Point Gray Academy when he was a teacher there.

I'm worried about Trudeau and Gould and even Andrew Scheer telling me I can’t make up my mind about things for myself — and that they will be the censors of the world.

NEXT: I talk with Breitbart's Joel Pollak on the death of the leader of ISIS (and the media's twisted reaction), along with where the so-called "Trump impeachment" currently stands.

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