Trudeau introduces the Netflix tax he promised would never come

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In 2017, the Prime Minister promised taxpayers there would not be a 5% fee imposed on streaming services to support Canadian content.

But it's here now. On Monday, Trudeau's broadcasting bureaucracy, the CRTC, introduced a punitive streaming tax.

It is applied to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify and other streaming services to prop up Canadian content nobody wants. That's why content consumers fled to online streaming services: to get away from subsidized, often terrible, media

The new rules require "online streaming services to contribute five per cent of their Canadian revenues to support the Canadian broadcasting system.”

“These obligations will start in the 2024-2025 broadcast year and will provide an estimated $200 million per year in new funding,” according to the CRTC.

Just another Trudeau promise broken. Add it to the pile.

GUEST: Kris Sims from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation discusses their legal challenge against the CBC.

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