Justin Trudeau just slapped a gag order on the oil patch

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's latest piece of censorship legislation makes promoting Canadian oil and gas illegal. It would be subject to a false advertising label under the Competition Act.

Meanwhile, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith is contemplating the nuclear option: a Sovereignty Act motion to counter federal overreach.

Major industry advocates have since gone silent when Canada needs their voices against this censorship most.

The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers has scrubbed their internet presence. As have other organizations.

Pathways Alliance pulled down their website over uncertainty caused by the Trudeau's gag order on truth tellers -- my words, not theirs.

What does all of this mean for people who trumpet the value of fossil fuels in our modern, convenient lifestyle?

What happened to the people like my guest tonight who have made it their life's work to extol the virtues of oil and gas in economic reconciliation with Canada's indigenous peoples?

GUEST: Robbie Picard, from Oilsands Strong and Oil and Gas World Magazine, discusses Bill C-59, a censorship law targeting oil and gas.

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