Daily Wire's Knowles CPAC speech sends the mainstream media into a fake news frenzy

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Knowles called for a return to objective truth and compassion at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference.

For this, Knowles was widely accused of genocide - the media's words, not mine-by an apoplectic journalism class, including Yahoo, HuffPo and Rolling Stone.

Until Knowles threatened the libelers with libel.

The misreporting of the content of Knowles's speech led to death threats against the Daily Wire personality and his family.

But Knowles is not backing down, although opponents are working overtime to cancel his future speeches, the content of which his detractors do not yet know.

Whether one disagrees with the content of the speech or how he said it, an average, sane person could not conflate the end of an ideology with the mass murder of those who believe the doctrine to be true.

Someone who got the story about Knowles's speech right THE FIRST TIME was Kennedy Hall from Lifesite.

Kennedy joins me tonight to discuss the Knowles controversy and the state of religious freedom in Canada.

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