Alberta posts a 10.3 billion-dollar budgetary surplus and the NDP are the hardest hit

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The success of the UCP fiscal plan in Alberta, coupled with a strong oil and gas sector, is causing the NDP's spring election hopes to form the next government to evaporate.

Half the budget surplus is allocated for debt repayment and the other has strings attached, restraining the government from blowing it on growing the bloated public sector the way the socialist opposition party would like.

It's a return to Kleinism spending and caution in Alberta. The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is doing something advocates for responsible spending aren't used to: applauding the government for doing the right thing.

And the CTF kudos don't stop with the budget, acknowledging the UCP government for standing up to the Feds' latest gun grab.

Kris Sims, Alberta director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, joins me tonight to discuss the resurgence of budgetary common sense under the done in Edmonton and some new ways the government is finding to waste your money.

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