Project Confederation's Josh Andrus gives his predictions for the Alberta election

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Undecided voters appear to be breaking for the incumbent United Conservatives as Albertans head to the polls to choose their next government on May 29.

The NDP has been digging up public comments from the premier, Danielle Smith, made during the height of the pandemic-inspired civil liberties bonfire in Alberta to discredit her.

The smear and fear campaign seems to be falling flat. Albertans don't seem to be falling for the "Lake of Fire" Scare 2.0.

The NDP were either doormats or total enablers in their only term in power. Trudeau walked all over Alberta as the feds brought job-killing, sector-smashing regulations to the oil and gas industry causing companies to cancel projects and take capital and investment to other jurisdictions.

Josh joins me on the show tonight to discuss the Alberta election and what Alberta needs to do to protect itself from Trudeau.

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