The Gunn Show: Debunking election campaign climate change myths (GUEST: Michelle Sterling)

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The Liberals won’t shut up about climate change.

Trudeau uses it as his go-to deflection whenever someone asks him a tough question. After Rebel News one a federal court injunction to allow Keean Bexte and David Menzies into the official English Language debate, Trudeau deflected Keean’s relevant question about his blackface scandal to some mumbo-jumbo about the environment.

That clip is going viral as normal people laugh at the absurdity of Trudeau’s response.

In reality, only 17 per cent of Canadians list the environment as their top priority in this election.

You'd never suspect that were true if you only listened to the coverage from the mainstream media and the constant moralizing from the Liberals, the NDP and Greens.

Joining me tonight to cut through some of the political myths around climate change promises in this election campaign is Michelle Sterling from Friends of Science.

  • By David Menzies

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