The National Ballet of Canada still discriminates against the unvaccinated!

Their in-person studio is a fully vaccinated environment that requires two COVID-19 injections and strongly recommends the booster shot.

The National Ballet of Canada still discriminates against the unvaccinated!
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The National Ballet of Canada (NBC) continues with the COVID-19 vaccine mandate in lieu of governmental directive.

The NBC states on their website that they “are so pleased to have you back in our studios again.”

Yet it would appear that they are only happy to have those doubly-vaccinated in their studios.

After thanking people for keeping in-person classes as safe as possible, the studio website notes that it is a “fully vaccinated environment and all guests and visitors are expected to hold a valid vaccination status.”

“Although not required, boosters are strongly recommended,” reads the site.

This sounds like an indiscriminate imposition which leaves parents assuming that it also applies to the March break camp for dance students aged 8 to 11.

That is a demographic based on age that has never been government-mandated to receive the novel COVID injections. When the province of Ontario instituted Proof of Vaccination Guidance in the fall of 2021, it exempted those aged 12 and under and in other instances, anyone under the age of 18.

It is well-documented using real world data, not simulation modeling with unrealistic parameters, that these injections do not stop transmission, do not prevent infection, nor do they prevent severe outcomes.

Moreover there is an alarmingly high risk of long-term heart damage that is compounded by booster doses for younger age demographics, something that will continue to be studied for years to come.

As news comes out of Tim Horton’s Foundation Camps dropping their COVID-19 vaccine mandate for campers, when will other organizations like NBC start to follow the actual science?

Rebel News reached out to NBC for comments requesting clarification on the “fully vaccinated environment” verbiage, inquiring about exceptions or exemptions, and asking for the scientific rationale used to justify this position.

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No Forced Boosters

Some Canadian universities are forcing students, faculty, staff and visitors to receive a COVID-19 booster shot — these discriminatory policies must be stopped.

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