The troubling trend of pro-Hamas rallies here in Canada

Ezra Levant looks at the half-hearted condemnations of pro-Hamas rallies that have occurred across Canada and wonders what this means for the country's safety and security.

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With war once again raging in the Middle East, the protests here in Canada over the Israel-Hamas conflict are a reminder that those same tensions are here too.

With pro-Hamas rallies across the country featuring symbols and slogans calling for the death of Jews, the acts of extremism carried out in Europe serve as a warning to Canada.

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra delved into how concerning these rallies are when it comes to upholding peace in Canada. Speaking of a rally in Edmonton, Ezra said:

I think one of the scariest was what Sheila Gunn Reid recorded out in Edmonton. Thousands and thousands of pro-Hamas supporters lining the highway. Sheila said it took her 17 minutes to walk the length of all of them — thousands of them.

And why not? The mayor, Amarjeet Sohi, has given them the green light. Edmonton's mayor, a former cabinet minister under Trudeau, put out a statement 'on the one hand, on the other hand', a half-hearted condemnation of violence, no condemnation of Hamas.

Well, if the mayor of the city, Trudeau's former cabinet minister, says it's OK to support Hamas why wouldn't people support Hamas? You can be pretty sure that Amarjeet Sohi's police force isn't going to arrest anyone for spreading hatred or for supporting the terrorist group.

The Liberals can do the math; there are fewer than 10,000 Jews in total in Edmonton. They're a very small and I would say meek community, whereas there are clearly thousands and thousands of Hamas supporters and probably about 100,000 Muslims in general.

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