Thornhill mosque reluctant to raise Canadian flag

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Astute viewers of this channel may recall my various visits to the Imam Mahdi Islamic Centre in Thornhill, Ontario. We were alerted about this place of worship back in February when some members of the Persian community and their allies staged a protest here, alleging that the people who run this mosque and those who attend services here are pro-Iranian regime.

As a curious sidebar to this story, I couldn’t help but notice that the mosque’s flagpole was displaying a large black and silver flag that featured verses in a foreign script (it turns out it was the flag of Al-Ḥusayn ibn ʿAlī, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad.)

Underneath that flag was a small flag of Canada. However, as we noted at the time, such a display actually breaches the rules of protocol when it comes to flying the Maple Leaf.

According to the Canadian Government:

“When flown or paraded, the National Flag of Canada takes priority over all other national flags. When flown with the flags of other sovereign nations, all flags should be flown on separate flagpoles/masts and at the same height, all being of the same size, with the National Flag of Canada in the position of honour. The National Flag should be raised first and lowered last, unless the number of flags permits their being raised and lowered at the same time.”

After our video appeared, the mosque rectified the situation – by removing the Canadian flag!

We reported that, and then the mosque responded by… removing the Prophet Muhammad grandson flag.

For several weeks, the flagpole remained barren. Then, recently, I revisited the mosque and saw a brand new red and white flag proudly on display. Wow, a new Canadian flag? Alas, on closer inspection, it was not the Maple Leaf but yet another flag proclaiming the merits of the Prophet Mohammed’s grandson!

Yes, apparently the people running this mosque have more respect for him than the country the mosque is situated in.

But if this flag version of musical chairs must continue, may I humbly suggest – in the name of diversity and cultural sensitivity – that this place of worship fly the LGBTQ+++ rainbow-coloured flag, what with June being Pride Month and all.

Yes, let’s run that idea up the proverbial flagpole and see who salutes.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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