Ticketed for protesting at Doug Ford's house

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The Doug Ford Government continues to impose harsh restrictions on healthy individuals as small businesses drop like flies and systemic issues in long term care homes and hospitals remain largely unaddressed.

Recently, these restrictions come with an increase in enforcement.

In many instances, these are everyday people simply trying to play shinny on an outdoor rink or are actively protesting and opposing the lack of democratic debate present in parliament.

People are getting increasingly upset and feel as though their voices aren’t being heard, so protesters have decided to engage in political dissent at Doug Ford’s house. Suzanne Robertson is one of them. She feels personally responsible for the shortcomings of Ford’s impositions – she went door to door for his campaign in 2018!

While many of us may not agree that protesting at on public property out front of politicians’ private resident is a good idea, it surely isn’t illegal. Here at Rebel News we support everyone’s right to peaceful assembly, especially when it’s to oppose dictatorship style government impositions.

Suzanne was fined under the Ontario Re-Opening Act, Section (1)(a) for allegedly organizing a rally at Doug Ford’s house. She hasn’t had her day in court yet but we plan to fight this fine in its entirety.

If you receive a COVID-19 ticket, don't pay it. Fight it! Find our more by visiting FightTheFines.com.

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