Tommy Robinson back in court for “bizarre, punitive” libel case

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Tommy Robinson has another court case tomorrow — Thursday, November 14.

I’ve got to go to cover this latest court case. Because if I don’t, I can guarantee that the mainstream media will be there, and they’re going to lie. Or worse.

I’m flying out today, overnight from Canada to the U.K.

I bought a last minute ticket, I’m not even staying the whole day — just seven hours flying each way; I’ll be on the ground in London for just long enough to cover the trial, then I’ve got to get back to Canada to do my work here.

If you think it’s important that I keep reporting from Tommy’s trials — both in my video reports, but also my minute-by-minute live-tweeting from the courtroom itself — please consider helping me cover the cost of my flight.

My flight is $1,400 Canadian, plus cab fare to the airport and back in each city. If you can help me, I’d be grateful — please go to to help if you can.

I know that it’s crazy to fly in from Canada to report on Tommy’s cases when there are so many journalists in the UK. But I just simply don’t trust any of them to tell the truth about Tommy — do you?

I hope to live tweet from inside the courtroom tomorrow — let's see what the judge decides.

They’re trying to wear down Tommy — maybe they’re trying to wear me down too. But if you can help cover my flight, I’ll be there as always. 

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  • By Ezra Levant

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