Toronto bylaw officers pose for photos with fenced-off cherry blossoms

Toronto bylaw officers pose for photos with fenced-off cherry blossoms
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Toronto bylaw officers took a break from hassling roller bladers, dog walkers, and parents wanting to take their kids to the playground to stop and smell the off-limits cherry blossoms at
High Park.

According to a report by Global News:

Photos sent to Global News appear to show bylaw officers skirting the rules they’re enforcing and the photos are raising eyebrows over an apparent double-standard. 

City of Toronto bylaw officers can be seen in the photos posing in front of fenced off cherry trees in Trinity Bellwoods Park. While seemingly innocuous, the behaviour flies in the face of City-mandated public health measures in Toronto parks.

In the photos, bylaw officers appear to be standing closer to each other than the 2 meters of distance legally required between people who do not share the same household. 

High Park has been fenced off to prevent crowds of blossom seeking Torontonians from pouring into the park in droves as part of the coronavirus crackdown on public space.

Yesterday, a man was fined $1150 for scaling the fence earlier in the week in the middle of the night to swing on a tree momentarily. His antics were caught on the City of Toronto’s Bloomcam.

The BloomCam is a 24 hour live broadcast of the cherry trees inside Toronto’s historic High Park, an attempt to satisfy the desires of city dwellers for whom visiting and photographing the blossoms is an annual “rite of spring.”

Mayor Tory, tear down that wall!

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