Why did they change the Toronto Christmas Market to the Distillery Winter Village?

We visited The Distillery Historic District to ask people which name they preferred... until security came after us!

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For several years, the Toronto Christmas Market has been a popular Toronto attraction.

Alas, it was postponed last year due to COVID. But it has returned in 2021. Well... sort of...

You see, the wonderful people who run The Distillery Historic District chose to “rebrand” the Toronto Christmas Market this year. After all, what a dumb name, eh? Who would want to describe a market in Toronto that sells Christmas-y items as something so baffling as the “Toronto Christmas Market”?

Well, we reached out for answers. I contacted The Distillery Historic District's General Manager of Marketing & Media, Elena Price. I wanted to know who was behind the rebranding, and what was the reason for it?

I was also going to ask for a permit to film around The Distillery Historic District, because if you don't have one, the politburo operating this joint will actually... call the police!

In any event, Ms. Price, this trained marketing and media professional actually hung up the phone in mid-interview. The Distillery Historic District executives do not like to be asked impolite questions, after all.

So it is we ventured out to The Distillery Historic District, as we did a year ago.

The district was in the news back then as it was enforcing a bizarre outdoor policy: passersby had to wear face masks... except when they were sitting and eating (and not standing and eating, by the way.)

Why? Science!

Don't you know that the Wuhan virus is respectful of those who are hungry and thirsty and won't afflict such persons when they are eating and drinking as long as they are sitting?

But get this: even though we were outdoors at the corner of Trinity Avenue and Gristmill Lane, security guards interfered with our man-on-the-street interviews and called the police.

Well, it was déjà vu all over again last Monday.

We visited The Distillery Historic District to ask people which name they preferred: The Toronto Christmas Market of the Distillery Winter Village? Christmas Market won in a landslide.

Alas, security guards interfered with our shoot and called the police.

What a shame. The Distillery Historic District is such a nice slice of Toronto. Too bad it is lorded over by Grinches who are drunk on power. And political correctness, at least when it comes to the C-word...

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