Weekly Toronto Freedom Rally features man ticketed for cleaning the park

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On Saturday May 8, anti-lockdown/Freedom Rally protesters took to Queen’s Park to voice their concerns over the seemingly never-ending lockdowns that the Ontario government has imposed onto its citizens.

This past weekend, some protesters were issued tickets for non-compliance in relation to the perversely named Reopening Ontario Act, even though police appeared not to be doing so for other members of the public who were enjoying the park with protesters just meters away.

One individual, confronted by police after spending his time simply cleaning garbage from the park grounds, was arrested for refusing to identify himself in accordance with the Act, though not before sending a formidable message to the police on scene:

Unfortunately, this has been a trend in weeks previous. At the beginning of each protest, before the crowd swells up for the march, Toronto police will look for individuals who have a sign, a voice, a Canadian flag, anything that visually marks them as potentially being part of the protest.

Though this does not hinder the spirit of the group — many take it graciously, and as part of a duty to their country in the fight against draconian lockdown measures.

There was also a small handful of dissenting bystanders on the streets as the crowd marched its way through the city. Unfortunately, most are just looking for someone to blame for their own misfortunes.

If you feel as if these Reopening Ontario Act tickets are an undue burden on Canadians, please go to FightTheFines.com to help us continue to fight the 1,000 cases we have already taken under our wing with free lawyers.

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