Toronto police protect mayor's condo from mob — City Hall still occupied by SJW squatters

When it comes to ensuring safety and freedom and the pursuit of legal commerce on Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square, to quote Colonel Trautman in the film First Blood: “It’s over, Johnny! IT’S OVER!”

Yes, Mayor Johnny Tory – he whose spine languishes in a lost & found bin somewhere in the bowels of Hogtown – has relinquished control of the square to a group of thugs known as Afro Indigenous Rising. AIR is demanding that the city abolish the police force (gee, why would the criminal element want that?) And they are not leaving until the city complies.

We have attempted on numerous occasions to hear their side of the story, only to have been met with violence, under the approving glance of Toronto City Hall Security.

As for the population of the grotesque tent city on the square, this is unknown. As we observed on our 13-hour long visit to City Hall on Monday, we noticed many of the tents are merely props and are uninhabited. So it is that overnight a small group of homeless people and drug addicts camp out on the square; as for the Black Lives Matter/Antifa ringleaders (a.k.a., the paid professional protesters), they spend their nights at the swank Sheraton Hotel across the street, where rooms start at $277. Happy capitalism, as my favourite financial guru Lou Schizas likes to say (even though these people endorse communism.)

Meanwhile, the trespass notices issued last Friday are being both ignored by the squatters and unenforced by the authorities – even though it was implied that Monday was the deadline in which to leave. Alas, the city now continues to negotiate with these occupiers, even though they are in violation of 11 sections of the Trespass Act.

And the most recent fallout? Well, the farmers’ market that was scheduled to open on Wednesday has been postponed to next week – where it will be undoubtedly postponed again as “negotiations” continue with the squatters. Methinks these scholars will remain on the vandalized and graffiti-covered square until Mother Nature releases her icy wrath come November. In the meantime, the city continues to penalize the makers and reward the takers, because that’s how John Tory rolls.

Is it little wonder the iconic statue of Sir Winston Churchill was recently removed from a prominent place near Nathan Phillips Square? Sir Winston is now hidden away behind the twin towers of City Hall. After all, this grand statesman is famous for that stirring speech in which he stated, “We shall never surrender.” That kind of intestinal fortitude must be downright triggering for Toronto’ milquetoast mayor, someone who ALWAYS surrenders – unless, of course, it the battle involves Toronto’s ongoing war on the car.