Toronto sees massive Freedom Convoy protest packing city's downtown

The urban hub is on its second weekend of huge demonstrations for the Freedom Convoy, this time attracting counter-protesters and some unsubstantiated rumours in the press.

Toronto sees massive Freedom Convoy protest packing city's downtown
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As the Freedom Convoy moves loudly into its second week, cities across Canada are once again seeing large protests and demonstrations in support of the convoy.

Toronto is one of these places, with massive events and also a strong city and police response.

Our Rebels Tamara Ugolini, Efron Monsanto and “Mr. Producer” AD are on the scene this weekend covering the events.

After Ottawa released a warning this week about a heavy police presence and potential army involvement at any upcoming protests, Toronto Mayor John Tory also announced plans to prepare for a weekend of demonstrations.

Tamara Ugolini reported this morning that Toronto police had indeed taken some extra measures, including blockading every vehicular access point to the protest area in Queen’s Park.

After claims (which Rebel News has yet to substantiate) that protesters were harassing health-care workers at previous protests this week, the City of Toronto also took extra measures to prevent protesters from blocking or impeding access to hospitals, and there was even a small counter-protest made up of health-care workers outside of one hospital.

At around noon, tensions heightened with protesters on foot trying to get through to Queen’s Park, which was being blocked by police.

However this didn’t dampen the spirits of the freedom protesters — what better way to beat the tension than with some music, especially reggae? In an unexpected response, the crowd broke out into a dance to Bob Marley!

There was one protest-related arrest reported by Toronto police at around 1:15 p.m. This was a 22-year-old man, arrested for assault with a weapon, administering a noxious substance (smoke bomb) and public mischief.

However, according to T Lee Humphrey, founder of Veterans for the Conservative Party of Canada, the police conveniently forgot to mention that the young man was actually attacking the convoy protesters by throwing a smoke grenade in the middle of a group of supporters! Rebel News is awaiting confirmation on this information.

The sounds of honking continue to be heard across the city, despite any efforts by police, counter-protesters or angry citizens to thwart the spirit of the protesters.

Toronto people must really like their music and movement — there was even a friendly mosh pit at Bloor St. at one point mid-afternoon!

The police mounted unit started patrolling Queen’s Park on horseback mid-afternoon also, and heavy policing followed and continues well into the late afternoon.

That’s all for now — at least, at this location!

Rebel News 'reporters are covering protests in nine locations across Canada!

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