Trespassing activists at U of T's 'Little Gaza' refuse to follow the rules

'For more than six weeks now, this crucible of seething hatred has taken up lease here,' said David Menzies.

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, guest host David Menzies discussed the ongoing illegal anti-Israel encampment at the University of Toronto.

For over a month now, dozens of anti-Israel and pro-Hamas protesters have been camping out in tents on the university's campus in opposition to Israel's operations in Gaza.

The protest started despite the terrorist group Hamas initiating the current conflict by murdering approximately 1200 people on October 7 during an attack on southern Israel.

Speaking about the encampment, Menzies said, "It is populated by gruesome squatters who are breaking several sections of the Trespass Act."

"This disgrace could have been removed on the first day it went up as a similar encampment was at the University of Calgary, as a similar encampment was at Toronto's York University," he added.

Commenting further on the encampment, Menzies explained, "While the people here by their very presence are carrying out a criminal act, they are acting as though they are not the trespassers but rather the actual landlords of King's College Circle."

"For starters, you can't even get past the gatekeepers unless you're vetted and approved."

Menzies went on to say, "By the way, apparently the key to gaining admittance is spouting pro-Hamas, anti-Israel sentiment. Then you're in like flynn."

"I refused to do that of course. So it is that I shall never get in, not much of a loss really I should think," he added.

Anti-Israel protests have erupted across college campuses in Canada and the U.S. in recent weeks, with police being called in to quash the illegal demonstrations on a number of occasions.

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