Trudeau flying celebrity chefs around the world using obscure “arts and culture” fund


The Liberals have been flying celebrity chefs around the world to cook for diplomats.

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According to a new report by Blacklock’s Reporter, supported by exclusive access to information documents,

“The Department of Foreign Affairs has been using an obscure fund to fly Canadian chefs around the world to prepare meals for diplomats VIPs and foreign media.”

Stuart Savage, then-director general of the foreign ministry’s Mission Support Bureau, said in 2017 testimony at the Senate foreign affairs committee that the money was spent to “support Canadian arts and culture as a core asset to promote Canada abroad as a socially and economically progressive nation.”

Socially and economically progressive is a weird way of saying “bleeding taxpayers dry to treat celebrity chefs to business class international travel to treat other rich people to fancy food”.

One of the celebrity chefs, New York-based caterer, Quinton Glabus was flown to Brunei, India Laos, Philippines, and Singapore. While on a 14k taxpayer funded trip to Manila, Glabus appeared on a cooking show.

One Calgary based chef was flown to Davos, Switzerland for the 2017 world economic forum - an event Trudeau didn't even attend. Another celebrity chef was flown to Indonesia and yet another one was flown to Ethiopia.

I guess Catherine McKenna's “climate emergency” doesn't apply to the business class airfare of the Liberals' celebrity friends.

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  • By David Menzies

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