Trudeau goes (pro)rogue, suspends WE investigations | Andrew Lawton with Ezra Levant

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On yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show Ezra was joined by True North fellow Andrew Lawton to discuss the ongoing WE Charity scandal, and the most recent twist: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's decision to prorogue Parliament.

After talking about emails that sure seem to show a friendly familiarity between Trudeau and the Kielburgers  a high ranking employee in the finance minister's office described their office as being "besties" with the WE organization  Andrew explained the situation as such:

There was [an email] directly from Craig Kielburger to Bill Morneau not 'Dear Minister,' or 'Hello Minister Morneau,' just 'Hi Bill,' and that is not something you do when you're talking to a minister unless you have a really familial or personal  more than collegial  relationship. So I think the 'besties' description is probably a pretty fair one here.

When Ezra described the WE scandal as being The Libranos that he feared, Andrew was in agreement, telling Ezra:

One of the things that really jumps out here is that it completely undercuts and undermines what the Liberal/Trudeau/Morneau has been; which is that, 'oh, you know the public service was the only one involved in this, and the government only just stepped in at the very eleventh hour, and Justin Trudeau tried to slow things down, he didn't just accept the recommendation he actually said I need to see more of this.'

But when you look through the documents, Ezra - and I admit, I haven't gone through all 5,000 pages just yet - the one thing that becomes apparent is that there was never a point in which this program and WE and government ministers  Trudeau ministers  were not all involved in the discussion

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