Trudeau government creating racialized 'inventory' of hires; "That's racist!" says Ezra Levant

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According to a report first uncovered by True North, Justin Trudeau's Liberal government is seeking to create a race-based "inventory" of minorities, subsequently using this information to fill positions within deputy minister and assistant deputy minister positions.

On Friday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra wasn't mincing any words with his thoughts on the program:

That's racist. That's the dictionary definition of racism. Judging people based on race, and then discriminating based on those racist judgements. So, instead of caring about the content of someone's character, as Martin Luther King Jr. told us to do, we're supposed to care now about the colour of your skin.

And you don't just care about it, it's the basis upon which you are hired or not hired . That's discrimination. As Martin Luther King would tell you, thinking this way and acting this way destroys our humanity because it reduces us to our skin colour; we're no longer individual people.

Ezra also pointed out the glaringly obvious flaw in the proposed program: what exactly does the word "racialized" mean?

It's a made up word. Does it mean visible minority? I think the reason they invented this made up word "racialized" is that in many places such as Toronto and Vancouver visible minorities are not actually the minority anymore.

Those are majority-minority cities — which is an oxymoron, to be candid. White Canadians are a visible minority in Toronto and Vancouver, or at least in large parts of those cities. So if you're in those cities and you've got to hire based on race you can't very well say you're doing something to promote minorities, you need a new word.

This clip is an excerpt of The Ezra Levant Show. Ezra's full monologue, and much more, are available to SUBSCRIBERS of RebelNews+.

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