Trudeau Liberals exploring reparations for black Canadians

Always quick to criticize opponents for importing American talking points, the Trudeau Liberals are now attempting to bring the U.S. debate surrounding reparations into Canada.

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The subject of reparations is usually a topic debated among those in the United States, not one normally discussed in Canadian political circles. But with the Liberals floundering in polls — and losing a byelection in a Toronto riding the Liberals have held for 30 years — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau struggling to maintain control of his government.

Late last week, on the Friday before Canada Day long weekend, the Trudeau Liberals released a new document that discusses reparations for black Canadians.

This shocking decision was the topic of Tuesday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, where the host examined the Trudeau Liberals' plans to abandon the pursuit of colourblind justice.

Looking at Canada's history as a destination for runaway slaves, Ezra remarked how the Liberals are importing leftist American talking points in an attempt to garner more support:

Aren't we trying to get away from racism and judging people by race? Isn't it a really bad idea to put people into categories and give them benefits or penalties based on racism? Isn't that the whole reason they're talking about reparations in the first place, because racism was bad?

And, of course, you're probably thinking this whole time: Ezra, what has this got to do with us as Canadians? That's American stuff. We didn't have slavery here. Slavery was banned decades before Canada even became a country. We were the destination of runaway slaves on the Underground Railway — that's what they called it when slaves ran away from the south.

We were where slaves came to be free. This is some U.S. thing grafted onto Canada. By the way, in the report, they go on and on about George Floyd, that's an American story, why should Canadians pay for an American issue?

So obviously it's an attempt to gin up some dollars. 

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