Trudeau Liberals hone in on anger and 'violence' aimed at politicians

The prime minister previously wondered out loud if we should ‘tolerate’ unvaccinated Canadians.

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On last night's episode of the Ezra Levant Show, Ezra discussed how Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party has recently attempted to shift the public's focus away from their well-documented shortcomings and onto supposed anger and 'violence' directed at politicians.

The strategy comes amid revelations that Trudeau's Liberal Party was providing hundreds of thousands of dollars to a known racist with anti-Semitic views. Oddly enough, the money was intended to be spent on "anti-racism" initiatives.

After a man in Alberta recently shouted profanities at Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland, the Liberal Party appears laser-focused on ensuring that Canadians are well aware of the vitriol that politicians in the country are forced to endure.

Speaking on the incident involving Freeland and Trudeau's response, Ezra stated, "at the very least it was rude, and belligerent, and noisy, and startling. But you'll notice how Trudeau added the word 'violence' in there. He said there was violence there. But actually, there was no violence was there. 'It was a threat to our democracy,' he said. I'm not sure how it was."

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