Trudeau takes last minute vacation after recalling Parliament

Trudeau takes last minute vacation after recalling Parliament
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Justin Trudeau is taking a “personal” day on the very day he recalled Members of Parliament from all across Canada to return to work, despite living only five minutes away from the House of Commons. 

On Saturday, the Speaker’s Office announced that the House was being called back to Ottawa in two days – the minimum amount of time required to do so.

Something urgent needed to be debated or passed. MP’s from across the country announced that they would be there.

However, one rather prominent face was going to be missing.

After all of the logistical trouble that goes along with reconvening the House on such short notice (bringing the parliamentary staff in, arranging security, flight bookings, event cancellations, hotel bookings), Justin Trudeau’s staff announced early this morning that he was taking the day off.

Trudeau’s vacation day while Canada is facing crises on all fronts was not taken well by members of the opposition.

Conservative members of the Senate also chimed in, calling out Prime Minister Trudeau for his ill-timed vacation.

The House has seen a sharp decrease in regular sittings, with just 38 sessions occurring between June 22, 2019 and June 22, 2020.

Regular House of Commons sittings have been delayed since May, when the NDP sided with the Liberals to waive rules regarding normal procedures for an additional four months.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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