Trudeau's energy policies set to hike home heating bills by $1,395

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Can you name a leader dumb enough to raise one tax during an unprecedented economic crisis and bring in another that will make an essential part of staying alive in Canada about 60% more expensive?

If you said Justin Trudeau, well, good for you but I made it easy.

He hiked the carbon tax by 10 dollars a tonne- to $30- in April, about 2 weeks into the covid19 shutdown of the national economy.

Nearly one in four people in Alberta in July were on emergency CERB payments from the feds. It's a national catastrophe.

But Justin Trudeau has granted taxpayers noo mercy. stopping. He slapping you with another carbon tax, the clean fuel standard:

The Clean Fuel Standard regulations will cover all fossil fuels used in Canada. They will set separate requirements for liquid, gaseous, and solid fossil fuels. Environment and Climate Change Canada is developing the regulations in a phased approach, with liquid-fuel regulations being developed first followed by gaseous- and solid-fuel regulations. 

The Clean Fuel Standard is complementary to other climate policies and investments under the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change—including carbon-pollution pricing. Together, these measures will reduce emissions across the economy and create incentives for innovation and clean growth.”

“Complementary” is Liberal for the new tax will be applied on top of the carbon tax on the same emissions. And it’s going to hurt.

Blacklock's Reporter broke the bad news yesterday:

“Natural gas will bear the brunt of the Clean Fuel Standard policy,” said the report: “The net losses of the policy annually amount to about $440 per employed person.”

Researchers said the green fuel regulations would impose a cost of $200 per tonne of emissions, the equivalent of four times the 10¢ per cubic metre carbon tax on natural gas. Most Canadians use natural gas for home heating, according to Statistics Canada.

Other analysts have confirmed the estimated overall cost of $200 per tonne of emissions, the equivalent of 40¢ per cubic metre of natural gas, including the Chemical Industry Association, Canadian Chamber of Commerce and Canadian Energy Research Institute. The Institute in a 2019 report Economic And Emissions Impacts Of Fuel Decarbonization put costs of the carbon tax and Clean Fuel Standard at a yearly average $1,395 per household by 2030.

Do have $440 extra to pay for home heating so Trudeau can phase out your oilpatch job, that is, if you still have one?

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  • By Ezra Levant


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