Trudeau's 'net-zero challenge' is a greenwashing waste of taxpayer money | The Buffalo

In this episode of The Buffalo, Sheila Gunn Reid looks at Justin Trudeau's net-zero challenge, which gives companies a green rubberstamp of approval and costs taxpayers millions.

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The federal greenwashing program invites companies to submit their costly climate plans to achieve net zero in exchange for special promotion by the federal government.

The challenge does not, however, test to see if companies actually achieve their promises to offset every single greenhouse gas attributed to the business.

The information about the costs to the program was revealed in an order paper response to an inquiry posed by Alberta Conservative MP Earl Dreeshen. The administration expenses include bureaucratic busywork like updating the website for the program, verifying commitment letters, posting the names of program participants and vague stakeholder engagement.

Ironically, the companies verified to participate in the “Net-Zero Challenge” program are largely reliant on fossil fuels and Western Canadian resources for their very existence. General Motors, Edmonton, Vancouver, Ottawa and Toronto's airports, Indigo Parking and Loblaws populate the most recent list of companies committed to making doing business with them more expensive for their customers.

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