UK Labour party internally divided on whether or not only women have cervixes

"It is not right," Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer said of MP Rosie Duffield's statement that only women have cervixes.

UK Labour party internally divided on whether or not only women have cervixes
AP Photo/Frank Augstein
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The United Kingdom’s Labour Party has devolved into infighting over the politically correct way of describing women, with one camp insisting that women exist, and the other choosing instead to claim that men can also have cervixes. 

The dissension began when MP Rosie Duffield voiced her opposition to erasing women, and was subsequently accused of being a “transphobe” when she suggested that only women have cervixes. Duffield has also opposed allowing biological men into women's spaces such as bathrooms, changing rooms and women’s shelters. 

Breitbart reports that Duffield has faced a barrage of threats from transgender activists, forcing her to retreat from this week’s Labour Party conference in Brighton. 

Duffield told the Sunday Times that most of the threats she received came from male feminist allies. “There are some women who get involved and want to be seen to be very woke… but mostly it is men and the same men that have trolled me ever since I got elected,” she said

“LGBT+ Labour now seem to hate my guts and I feared they’d have a massive go at me at [the] conference,” said Duffield. 

Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer was pressed on Duffield’s remarks regarding whether women only have cervixes, to which he responded, “it is something that shouldn’t be said, it is not right.” 

"I spoke to Rosie earlier this week and told her conference is a safe place for her to come, and it is a safe place for her to come,” he said. "We do everybody a disservice when we reduce what is a really important issue to these exchanges on particular things that are said."

Starmer added that there needs to be a “mature and respectful debate” around trans rights, adding that transgender individuals are “marginalised and abused.”

He said: "We need to have a mature, respectful debate about trans rights and we need to bear in mind that the trans community are amongst the most marginalised and abused communities, and wherever we've got to on the law, we need to go further."

Conservative Health Secretary Sajid Javid denounced the Labour Party leader's remarks as a “total denial of scientific fact,” adding, “and he wants to run the NHS.” 

Following Starmer’s remarks, Labour’s Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves refused to answer whether it was transphobic to say that only women have cervixes. Speaking to Nick Ferrari on LBC, she said “Is it transphobic? Look, I just, I don’t even know how to start answering these questions. I don’t find them helpful.”

Pressed on the topic multiple times, Reeves eventually admitted that “I wouldn’t say that [it was transphobic.]” Asked why she thought so, Reeves refused to elaborate, stating instead that it was uncomfortable to discuss women’s anatomy on the radio. 

“Why are we having to discuss parts of women’s anatomy on the radio?… I don’t feel comfortable talking about women’s anatomy and different parts of women’s bodies with you, Nick, or frankly with anyone else,” she said. 

As detailed by Breitbart, Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland Ian Murray refused to speak on the subject of women and cervixes after the topic was raised on BBC Radio 4’s Woman's Hour. 

Labour MP Emily Thornberry, who resigned from the Shadow Cabinet in 2014 after she made fun of the home of a working-class man, said on Monday that it is “factually inaccurate” to say that only women have cervixes. 

“There are men who have cervixes. There are men who are trans and they’re men. It’s just factually wrong,” Thornberry said.

Labour Deputy Leader Angela Rayner has refused to explicitly criticise transgender activists and instead labelled the threats against Duffield as “misogynistic abuse,” without stating explicitly from whom the threats came.

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