Unprecedented human tragedy, but at least Jeff Bezos got richer

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On the latest episode of The Gunn Show, journalist Alex Newman (@ALEXNEWMAN_JOU on Twitter) joined Sheila from sunny Florida to talk about COVID as a vehicle for tyranny.

Here's a bit of what Alex had to say:

“If you just look at the data component of it and you realize that these aren't just numbers, these are people's lives. You realize we are witnessing the unfolding of a tragedy that is almost unprecedented in human history. If you look at the American numbers, 50 million people lost their jobs in the early part of the lockdown in the United States. That's about a third of our workforce.

“Imagine what that does to a family. Imagine what that does to the person who had the job. We've got hundreds of thousands of business now that are closed that will never reopen. Every one of those was a human being... people who invested their lives and their life savings and their time and everything for nothing, right? It's all been destroyed.

“And for what? So people could go shop at Walmart? So people could order from Amazon? So that Jeff Bezos could double his net worth while he's using the Washington Post — which he bought up — to promote this lockdown hysteria?”

This is just an excerpt from the full Gunn Show.

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