UPDATE: Woman who allegedly assaulted Toronto anti-lockdown protester IDENTIFIED

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Who is Deanna Harper? And why did Harper and her daughter allegedly respond with violence when they met a person who… harboured a different opinion pertaining to the Wuhan virus?!

You may recall the disturbing case of Lejla Blazevic. On May 16, Blazevic and her children planned to attend a demonstration at Toronto’s Queen’s Park urging Premier Doug Ford to fully reopen the economy.

Alas, the Blazevic family never made it there.

Just outside Women’s College Hospital, Blazevic approached a woman and her teenage daughter. Blazevic asked if they knew the directions to Queen’s Park. But instead of telling Blazevic to head one block west, the woman, who has now been identified as Deanna Harper, asked Blazevic if she was going to the legislature to take part in the protest. Blazevic answered in the affirmative. This inexplicably infuriated Harper, who allegedly began verbally abusing Blazevic and noting that she was a terrible role model for her children. Needless to say, Harper didn’t provide Blazevic with directions, so Blazevic moved on.

But the encounter didn’t end there: Harper allegedly grabbed a cup of coffee from her car, ran back to Blazevic, and threw it in her face. As well, during the melee, the woman’s daughter allegedly sucker-punched Blazevic in the face, knocking her glasses off.

Police were called and when they arrived, Harper was charged with assault and assault with a weapon. (Oddly, no charges were laid against Harper’s daughter. Toronto Police Detective Paul Ward had this to say: “In this incident, it is hard to find unprovoked aggressive intent with a young person who is witnessing their own parent’s assaultive behaviour toward another... the adult has been addressed with serious charges.”)

However, Det. Ward also noted there could be charges laid against Harper’s daughter once police get to review the surveillance footage from Women’s College Hospital.

Which brings us to another oddity: Police have indeed asked Women’s College Hospital for its surveillance footage, but the hospital isn’t cooperating and it appears as though police will have to serve the hospital with a warrant in order to obtain the video evidence. But how bizarre is that? Isn’t a hospital in the business of healing people – as opposed to running interference for those who attempt to put people IN the hospital?

Still, in the bigger picture, this alleged incident makes for yet another odious example of the way discourse has devolved in our country. Which is to say, if one espouses a contrary opinion, apparently one must be silenced – even via violence if need be.

In the meantime, if anyone knows the whereabouts of Deanna Harper, please feel free to pass along those coordinates to us. We’d love to tell Harper’s side of the story. 

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  • By Sheila Gunn Reid


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