UPDATE! Mosque removes ALL flags after Rebel reports on Maple Leaf violation

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One flag, two flags, no flags... are they through with the flags?

I once again dropped by the Imam Mahdi Islamic Centre in Thornhill, Ont. I first went there in February when members of the Persian-Canadian community and their allies staged a protest outside the mosque — they allege that the mosque is funded by the Iranian regime and its prime directive is to spread Iranian revolutionary ideology in Canada.

Indeed, the organization behind the mosque, the Islamic Shia Assembly of Canada, had its charitable status revoked last year after the Canada Revenue Agency alleged that this entity was “acting as a facilitator organization to support the operational goals of Iran’s Ahlul Bayt World Assembly (ABWA).”

The mosque is appealing the decision.

But as a curious sidebar to this saga, many observers couldn't help but notice that Canadian flag etiquette was being violated here: namely, a large black and gold flag (apparently lauding the grandson of the prophet Mohammed) was at the top of the flagpole and a much smaller Canadian flag was underneath.

Protocol dictates that when the same staff is shared by multiple flags, the Maple Leaf must be on top and must be at least the same size as the other flags.

So, after an outcry, the mosque decided to follow Canadian flag protocol by... removing the Canadian flag entirely!

That was the situation in March, and when we reported that, another outcry ensued.

So now the mosque has also removed the Mohammed grandson flag. At least for now.

Hey, here's an idea: why doesn't this mosque simply follow protocol and fly an equal-sized Maple Leaf from the top of its flagpole?

After all, the Islamic Centre has no problem trying to ensure it gets a tax break from the Canadian government; so you'd think the people here would treat the Canadian flag with a little respect, eh?


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  • By Ezra Levant


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