Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated: COVID immunity test results are in

Vaccinated or unvaccinated and recovered from COVID? Who has better immunity? The first test results are in.

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Today is the first update to my small-scale, sort-of-scientific human experiment on myself and my lifelong friend regarding COVID immunity.

Each month, we are submitting ourselves to expensive venipuncture at a private facility and sending our blood out of the country to find out which one of us is more immune to COVID-19. We are also testing to determine whose immunity to the virus remains more resilient and reliable over time. One of us is doubled jabbed and probably close to getting on the booster merry-go-round and the other one is recovered from a diagnosed COVID infection.

Last month, we tested our blood to find out our baseline immunity levels and our results came back with both of us at over 250 units of antibodies per ml of blood, levels akin to those expected to be seen in the lab results of someone who has recently received the second vax jab. We were at the date of last month's blood draw equally immune to COVID, on paper.

We would like to do this testing at an Alberta lab, but if a doctor ordered this test for us in our publicly-funded health-care system, the central provincial lab would likely step and in and deny the testing. This test — and the vital information about immunity that it provides — isn't really available to people unless they fork out $130 and wait a week for results.

And even though we both have lab test results showing we are a COVID danger to no one, because of Premier Jason Kenney's vaccine passport system — what he calls the Restriction Exemption Program so he can sleep at night after repeatedly denying he would bring in a vax pass for months — only one of us is considered a member of the privileged medical class, allowed to participate in discretionary activities like going out for dinner, going to the movies, working out at the rec centre or going to a hockey game.

About a week ago, we went for our second test and those results are back.

The COVID-recovered one of us remains over 250 units of COVID antibodies per ml of blood. The doubled-jabbed one of us is also at the same antibody levels, as evidenced in the previous test; 250 units per ml.

Frankly, this result surprised me.

What this all means is two people, both with identical COVID immunity levels, are prevented by an arbitrary segregation rule from going out together to celebrate their good health. All in the name of science, they tell us.

Next month, we will repeat the test once again, spending $130 each to send our blood to the United States to do a test that we could have a lab in Alberta do for us if we were allowed.

So far, our immunity levels remain sky-high, but so does the discrimination.

What are your predictions for next month?

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