Vancouver threatens fuel spill fine against victim of sloppy gas thieves

January 20, 2020

Vancouver construction worker Christopher Tiner has been threatened with a an undisclosed fine related to a fuel spill caused by thieves puncturing his work van's tank on Friday.

According to Global News, about 5L out of the 60L tank spilled on the street. Tiner was able to use his know-how to clean up the spill himself, but he estimates it would cost someone else $2,000 to hire a contractor to do the same work or else face a fine:

“I’m just so frustrated. It doesn’t seem like there’s anyone else to complain to about this.”

That appears to include Vancouver police, who Tiner says told him officers would make a report but that there “wasn’t a lot they could do” without security footage.

Further north in the province, environmental eco-terrorists are being investigated by the RCMP after bags full of fuel-soaked rags” along with jugs of gasoline, diesel, oil and kindling were found on a service road.

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