WATCH: Veterans give Labor MP a DRESSING-DOWN over 'hateful' tweet

Mocked servicemen demand an apology for 'dress-ups' comment by Dan Andrews' hand-picked parliamentary secretary

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Australian military veterans marching in uniform to protest restrictions on freedom have been mocked by a member of Dan Andrews' government as “lunatics playing dress ups”.

Ex-servicemen slammed Victorian State MP Nick Staikos for the comment and demanded he apologise.

“They’ve got no clue,” a former soldier said of Victoria Labor MPs.

“They haven’t had the courage or conviction to serve their country. They live off the public teat, and they want to knock blokes like me. Grow a spine. Apologise. Don’t mock your veterans.”

The former soldiers had been marching on Parliament in uniform to protest what they believed were unjust laws restricting civil rights.

Staikos, the member for Bentleigh and parliamentary secretary to the premier responded to the protest by tweeting: “Love how these lunatics play dress-ups.”

The comment infuriated the ageing diggers who complained that politicians were “happy to dine out on ANZAC Day and get their happy snaps with veterans and the medals” but “when it doesn’t suit their narrative, they want to kick us in the teeth”.

They said it was inexcusable that a government MP would mock them for exercising their constitutional right to protest.

When Rebel News sought an explanation from the MP, a staffer said, “I’ve got better things to do”.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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