Washington D.C. 'No Shots, No School!' vaccine program having devastating impact on youth

Ayo Kimathi, an activist and parent in Washington D.C., has been trying to tell parents about the dangers of the vaccine.

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Washington D.C. is the capital city of what’s known as the freest country on earth.

But it’s also in Washington D.C., in the belly of the land of the free, that the most vulnerable demographic, young children, are experiencing some of the most restrictive, segregational, coercive, biomedical mandates in the entire country.

Over the summer, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, announced her grand plan for “securing” Washington D.C. public schools. This would be achieved through the accurately, and yet brutally named “No Shots, No School!” program.

The mandates were announced at an event officially referred to as the “Show and Tell event”

The event started with a health official explaining to the city that COVID vaccines are safe and effective.

Another health official explained that agents of the city’s health bureaucracy would be sending letters and calling the houses of families with unvaccinated children.

“If you get one of these letters or calls, please get your child vaccinated..that way they can continue to attend school,” he threatened.

On top of the mandate, the city made clear that they will be offering no online learning option to students who are barred from receiving their education in school. Meaning that children who don’t get the COVID vaccine will not receive any education.

Leading the fight to take away education from unvaccinated students are self-proclaimed liberal progressives. These policies will inevitably lead to the racial segregation of DC students.

According to The Washington Post, Wards 5 and 8 in Washington D.C. are the most “noncompliant” areas in the city in regard to vaccine uptake.

Not only are these wards the poorest two wards in the city, but these wards are also 54% black and 91% black.

Meaning, the "progressive" leaders in Washington D.C., while vocally cheering for “racial equity” and “communities of color” have no problem taking all options of education away from these children if they don’t submit to the experimental jab.

In ward 8 — only 40% of eligible children are vaccinated against COVID. This is far lower than the city average. This means 60% of children will not be eligible to receive any type of education.

Ayo Kimathi, an activist and parent in Washington D.C., has been trying to tell parents about the dangers of the vaccine.

Watch the report to learn the obstacles he’s facing in warning his community and the ways in which he’s trying to stop the vaccine program.

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