WATCH: Australian state-funded media mocks Rebel News for doing REAL journalism

Avi Yemini unpacks Jan Fran's rant.

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Usually, I don't bother giving oxygen to our detractors as it's often better just to let them suffocate themselves with jealousy.

However, today I'm making an exception because I think everyone should see how our tax dollars are being spent.

Last week our reporting from the frontline of lockdown protests in Melbourne shocked the world. The footage we captured made it as far as Joe Rogan and Tucker Carlson.

Yet, closer to home, Australia's state-funded news network mocked my reporting.

"Far-right influencers will put themselves in the thick of it and then use that footage or use those pictures... yeah... on their website next to some merchandise", the ABC presenter says.

So much stupidity to unpack in her 15 seconds of dribble:

Far-right influencer

I had no idea who she was, so I didn't know where that was coming from. But after I found her, it became clear. Her name is Jan Fran, and she starts the description of herself on her website as an "award-winning journalist".


So, I thought I'd better investigate how this legendary journalist got it so wrong.

Twitter is often the best place to research these types, but what do you know? She had me blocked!

I don't even know who she is, and I'm blocked. Remember, Jan Fran, the award-winning journalist, is willing to go on national TV to mock my work on the taxpayer's dime but blocks me on Twitter to what? Silence me? Good luck with that one, Jan.

Once we got past that minor hurdle, it all became clear. Jan is one of those "award-winning journalists" obsessed with skin colour.

Apparently, she's "Middle Eastern in appearance". I guess we have something in common? Although until she mentioned it, I didn't see it. But good on her; she's a real advocate for diversity in media.

Unless, of course, it's media she doesn't like, then the actual middle looking eastern guy is just a "far-right influencer".

Good one, Jan.

We'll start taking you seriously when you practice what you preach. Maybe start with celebrating the diversity at Rebel News. Because our team is undoubtedly a lot more diverse than yours at ABC, and that's not because we have quotas to fill. No.

We pick the best man or woman for the job.

Imagine that; my boss doesn't care about their appearance. It doesn't come into the equation.

Putting themselves in the thick of it

This is possibly the funniest part of Jan's ridiculous rant.

An "award-winning journalist" mocking a reporter for "putting themselves in the thick of it". As if that's a bad thing.

Journalists worldwide are celebrated for the exact fact, putting themselves in harm's way to tell the story.

In fact, last night on a show Jan presents, they congratulated a journalist for staying in Afghanistan against official advice.

Unlike Jan, I may not agree with his politics, but I commend him for his bravery and commitment to do his important job.

The world needs to see what's happening on the ground in Afghanistan, as the world also needs to see what's happening on the ground in Melbourne.

And the fact I was the ONLY journalist who captured Victoria Police firing tear gas on unarmed civilians should be praised by anyone who respects the importance of free press willing to put themselves in harm's way.

If I didn't capture that moment, it would have never been reported anywhere that Victoria Police deployed tear gas against unarmed lockdown protesters last week.

Next to some merchandise

Jan is triggered we have a store? A great store btw; you should definitely check it out at Because guess what, we don't get a BILLION dollars a year in taxpayer money to fund our JOURNALISM.

Unlike the ABC, which forcibly takes money from every taxpayer, we're funded by viewers who appreciate us putting ourselves "in the thick of it" to tell the other side of the story.

Oh, and before I forget, shame on ABC for having an online store and physical stores across the country.

I guess a billion dollars a year just ain't enough to produce all that propaganda.


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  • By Avi Yemini

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