Liberals' want ad: Feminist needed for gender-based pipeline analysis

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The Liberals are looking for someone to run Canada’s energy efficiency programs through the gender-based analysis professional grievance monger lens.

Today, I will show you the absolutely insane contract the Liberals are looking to fill.

The oil industry in Canada is being hammered by low prices, lack of market access, predatory dumping by OPEC and, of course, Justin Trudeau acting as a scarecrow to potential investors. But the Liberals know what is going to get us out of this mess and make Canada the energy superpower we should be: even more intersectional grievance-mongering!

Remember the GBA+? I’ve been trying to make sense of it for a couple of years now to no avail.

It’s the Gender-Based Analysis Plus and technically speaking it is a program drafted by Status of Women Canada. It’s an analytical tool used to assess the potential impacts of policies, programs, services, and other initiatives on diverse groups of women, men and people with other gender identities.

The "plus" highlights that this type of analysis goes beyond gender, and includes the examination of a range of other intersecting identity factors such as age, sexual orientation, disability, education, language, geography, culture and income.

And the Liberals shoehorned this intersectional nonsense into everything.

That new analysis is required for pipeline and mining approvals as a means to regulate energy projects to death without having to say the Liberals actually canceled the project. The gender-based analysis lens is the escape hatch for the Liberals if an energy project is getting a little too close to being built. It’s the fail-safe no one can meet because the rules and the concept are so crazy and vague.

Now, please everyone grab your social-justice-jargon to English decoder rings because this federal government call for contractors is going to get incomprehensive. The language here is spoken in feminist basket weaving master classes, and in coffee shops where the people plotting against the patriarchy on MacBooks (paid for by their dad’s) hangout. But, this is not how the normies in the real world think or talk.

Look at this from Natural Resources Canada, under Minister Seamus O’Regan, who was unsurprisingly one of the groomsmen at Trudeau’s wedding – two of whom are cabinet ministers now – and exhibits a weird cult-like loyalty to his boss:

Defining Intersectional Gender-Based Issues in Energy Efficiency in Canada

"By means of the RFP, request for procurement, Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) is seeking proposals from bidders to develop a comprehensive report in order to define intersectional gender-based issues in energy efficiency in Canada using a gender-based analytical process. This will enable the Demand Policy and Analysis Division (DPAD) of NRCan to use this process as a tool with policy development."

I understand those words independently along with the rest of the words in the paragraph. But in that order, with the other words – and in this context – I have no idea what any of that means. Do you? And I have three bestselling books and communicate somewhat complex ideas, converting them into layman’s parlance, every single day as my job.

As best as I can tell, Seamus O’Reagan wants a professional feminist outrage peddler and inequity scold screaming sexism at low flow toilets and long-life light bulbs if the install crew doesn’t have gender parity. However, I’m really not sure.

I suspect this request for a vendor to do this intersectional gendered lens analysis is specifically nonsensically tailored to suit one and just one liberal linked company. It’s pretty clear, Natural resources Canada has someone special in mind. I guess we have until to find out who that is.

We will have to wait until the RFP closes July 29 to find out who the lucky harridan is who won this contract, and how much we all overpaid to be chastised by some shrew.

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