WE Charity blocks Rebel News investigation into Vancouver School Board dealings

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WE is blocking a Rebel News access to information request into the charity and social commerce organization's involvement with the Vancouver School Board. 

The scandal-plagued WE organization has had its claws in the education system for years, providing grants and free “anti-bullying” and activism programming to schools all across the country. 

Children raised money meant to build schools in Africa while WE paid for luxury accommodations for Sophie Trudeau and dished out hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees to Justin Trudeau’s mom and brother. WE also amassed a multimillion-dollar Toronto real estate empire. 

The Liberals cancelled the nearly 1 billion dollar summer job program that WE was contracted to administer after allegations of conflicts of interest with the Prime Minister and his family. 

Rebel News has filed access to information requests into school boards all across the country about their dealings with WE. Exclusive documents provided to Rebel News by Calgary Board of Education indicate WE programming infected 18,000 schools.  

Many of our requests for information are still outstanding and pending. 

However, the Vancouver School Board has indicated that WE is blocking the release of their data in an email from the board’s Advisor of Freedom of Information and Privacy Compliance:

“As you are aware we have issued a notice to a third party to obtain input into disclosure of the requested records.  We are writing to advise you that the third party has requested a review of our decision by the office of the information and privacy commissioner.  We will provide you with the records as soon as a decision has been made.”

But, really... It’s no surprise that WE doesn’t want Rebel News to have access to their records!

Rebel News has hired a lawyer to draft a 27-page demand calling on Trudeau’s friends at the WE Charity to be audited.

You can read our exclusive legal complaint, sign our petition, and help cover our legal costs at AuditWE.com.

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