Whole Foods employees EMBRACE poppy freedom on Remembrance Day... somewhat

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You might recall how Amazon-owned Whole Foods got into a whole lot of trouble last week when the supermarket chain inexplicably announced that it was forbidding employees at its Canadian stores from wearing Remembrance Day poppies.

Apparently, China super-fan Jeff Bezos somehow thought that employees donning that little red flower on their lapels would somehow sully the emerald-hued uniforms of his healthy grocery chain.

Give me a break!

The decision was bizarre and disgraceful, and it infuriated the populace as well as leaders across the political spectrum. 
The good news: even billionaire Bezos can only take so much public pressure, and within hours of this story hitting the news cycle, the anti-poppy policy was quickly eradicated.

And with good reason! Our veterans have given so much, some soldiers even made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our rights and freedoms. A poppy is not political; it is a symbol that honours and remembers those who served. 

So, I visited a downtown Toronto Whole Foods on Remembrance Day to see if the staffers there would be embracing their new found poppy freedom. We counted 26 staff members on duty during our visit, six of whom were indeed wearing poppies. 

We would’ve preferred it if all the staffers were wearing poppies, but still, moving forward, at least the rank and file members of Whole Foods now have a choice when it comes to wearing a poppy — as opposed to being forbidden from doing so due some boneheaded company policy. 

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  • By Ezra Levant


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