'Woke' gender policy in NSW schools slammed as a ‘family destroyer’

One Nation's Mark Latham shouts down NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet after he refused to support gender policy Bill

'Woke' gender policy in NSW schools slammed as a ‘family destroyer’
One Nation MP Mark Latham in NSW Parliament
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New South Wales leader of One Nation Mark Latham ended up in a shouting match with the Liberal Premier after Dominic Perrottet refused to support Latham’s Bill to ban teachers discussing gender identity in schools and disclosing children questioning their gender to parents.

How can you possibly keep parents in the dark?” shouted Latham, at Perrottet. “This is one of the worst things I’ve seen in public life.

Latham, who has been campaigning to protect children from what he calls ‘Woke’ ideology inside schools, has put forward a Bill to ensure that parents maintain control and oversight regarding gender-discussions inside the school environment.

Crucially, this Bill includes ensuring that parents are informed if their child starts talking about gender transition with teachers – rather than teachers having the option to withhold these conversations from parents. It forms part of a larger debate to restore parental supremacy when it comes to raising children.

Every issue is urgent, in a way,” said the Premier, when put under questioning about when the gender-issue would be addressed, to which Latham replied that this particular issue in schools is a ‘family destroyer’.

The pair then erupted into a confrontation that had to be brought to order, with Perrottet agreeing, somewhat reluctantly, that parents should be informed on a case-by-case basis rather than as a matter of course.

From a sentiment perspective, I agree that parents should be informed and provided advice in relation to their children at all times,” said Perrottet.

This is the truth,” replied Latham, “that you and your Woke cabinet won’t support the thing that you talk about. You’re captive to these people.”

This may be a reference to Liberal members such as New South Wales Treasurer Matt Kean, who this week called for Liberal candidate Katherine Deves to be disendorsed for her activism supporting women’s sports and young girls against radical transgender ideology that sees them sidelined in their gender-specific spaces. Kean is part of the ‘moderate’ faction who campaign on climate change and other progressive policies at odds with traditional Blue Ribbon conservatives. It is understood that the factional power within the New South Wales Liberal Party sits with Kean’s faction.

No one’s ever called me ‘woke’ in my life, you’re more woke than me,” rebutted Perrottet.

In Tweets released by Mark Latham following the exchange, it appears the pair are getting closer to a solution.

‘Perrottet asked me why I was upset. Because I’ve been trying to help mothers distraught at schools keeping them in the dark about their children, watching their family disintegrate as a result. My question was: Why isn’t Perrottet upset about this?’

‘Some progress with Perrottet at Estimates. He’s now looking at a ban on gender fluidity teaching in NSW schools. He seemed shocked at the class run for Year 2 students at Umina Beach Public School describing gender as “how you feel on the inside” that “changes over time”.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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