NO PROTESTING: Woman fined $1,652 for walking ALONE carrying a sign opposing Victoria Premier

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The government keep telling us it's just about saving lives and not quashing dissent: So why was Kerry Cotterill fined $1,652 for lawfully exercising ALONE while holding a sign?

It makes no sense. None of this does.

Kerry was simply out for a walk, all by herself. But because she was carrying this sign, police swarmed her and gave her a massive ticket. What's that got to do with public health?

Luckily, forward-thinking Kerry caught her whole interaction on camera, proving police are now fining people in Melbourne for criticizing Premier Daniel Andrews.

Kerry's sign read toot to boot” with a picture of Daniel Andrews below.

Kerry was cautious to ensure she was following all the overreaching chief health officer's directives, including not being more than 5km from her home and only exercising for less than an hour, but police still fined her.

The officers claimed it was illegal to protest!

Last time I checked, lawful protest is legal. Especially when abiding by all the health directives.

There's no way that Kerry can afford the enormous fine and we're not going to help her pay it. No: we're going to help her fight it!

We've hired a top Melbourne lawyer, Madeleine Smith, who has agreed to take Kerry Cotterill on as a client — and to send us her legal bill. We're going to crowdfund that for her.

In fact, Madeline believes Kerry's case is so important with such far-reaching consequences that we're also taking offensive action in the Supreme Court. Kerry Cotterill is also now a plaintiff in the proceedings against the chief health officer.

Can you help us, help her? This is now the fourth Fight The Fines case we've taken in Australia.

You can see the others at — and that's where you can also chip in to help cover the legal fees for Australian citizens being flattened by outrageous fines. And if you have received a fine, too — or know someone who has — that same page has an easy to fill out form for people who need our help. We'll try to help as many people as we can. 

Kerry Cotterill needs our help — let's be there for her!

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