Saddam Hussein the Yazidi refugee tells his story

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In Erbil, I sat in on the refugee screening process the Christians and Yazidis undergo before they can apply to go to Australia or the Czech Republic, 2 of the few remaining countries which prioritize the survivors of genocide in their immigration system.

The Nazarene Fund is Christian focused group working to help the Christian survivors of the ISIS perpetrated genocide rebuild their lives in their indigenous homeland, or helps them leave to find peace and freedom in another country.

However, the Nazarene Fund does not turn away Yazidis seeking help. Yazidis faced much of the same persecution under ISIS as the Christians.

During the screening process, I met a Yazidi boy named Saddam Hussein who had been kidnapped by ISIS and underwent surgery paid for by the Nazarene Fund to remove shrapnel in his leg just a few days earlier.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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