“Young people want totalitarianism”: Toronto anti-lockdown protesters fill Yonge-Dundas

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(Note: this protest was from October 3)

The authorities are saying: “Stay home!”

They are hinting at another massive shutdown of businesses, ones which still haven't recovered from the last lock-up, and are demanding people wear masks everywhere. But Yahoo Nation says: “No, no, and no!”

Indeed, if you go by what the bureaucrats and politicians are saying, the sky must be falling! They talk about daily positive case counts that are in the hundreds. Yet, what they don’t talk about is the number of deaths, which happens to be a mere fraction of those cases.

Oh, and they never mention the fact that the vast majority of those deaths are seniors residing in long term care facilities. Or the fact that the hospitals are half-empty given that “elective” surgeries have been cancelled.

Never mind it all, apparently the entire economy has to be shut down. Again. Melbourne-style curfews may also be on the horizon.

A few days ago, Ontario announced new restrictions on the province’s already beleaguered foodservice operations and fitness facilities. And people were also urged not to go out unless it was deemed essential to do so – whatever “essential” means.

Toronto’s top public health official, Dr. Eileen De Villa, wants to basically shutdown the economy again — as in completely. She recently said she’d like to see all indoor dining banned, not just in the three districts that have already been locked down again! They say “we’re all in this together” — but are we really? As people are thrown out of work yet again and as more and more businesses go belly-up, the likes of Dr. De Villa will continue to earn their six-figure salaries.

Meanwhile, the Trudeau Liberals eased border restrictions, allowing people living abroad to fly into Canada – even if they are NOT citizens or permanent residents.

So, let’s get this straight: don’t get together with Aunt May and Uncle Ben on Thanksgiving – that’s a potential death trap. But if a plane bringing hundreds of people from, say, China needs to land at Pearson -- that isn't?

Little wonder why the rank and file of #YahooNation assembled again at Yonge-Dundas Square to denounce the lockdowns and mandatory mask rules. And who should show up but Maxime Bernier, the leader of the People’s Party of Canada, who received a hero’s welcome.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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