'Hold the Line,' a book inspired by freedom convoy leader, Tamara Lich

Creators Derek Smith and Kaede Knipe came out with their newest book called, 'Hold the Line: The Ballad of Tamara Lich.' Smith talks with Alexa about how this book came into creation, mentioning the freedom convoy and Tamara Lich as inspiration.

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Derek Smith and Kaede Knipe, creators of the two previous books "How the Prime Minister Stole Freedom" and "One Face, Two Faces, Black Face, Blue Face" are back with their new release "Hold the Line."

Hold The Line relates to the events involving the peaceful demonstration that took place in Ottawa in February 2022.

The Freedom Convoy was a once in a lifetime protest that took place for 3 weeks in Ottawa last year during the cold month of February.

Truckers and their supporters came to ask the government to end all mandates, but this peaceful demonstration ended horribly with the invocation of the Emergencies Act by Justin Trudeau.

This book was inspired by the story of one of the leaders of the Freedom Convoy, Tamara Lich. 

This political prisoner, natural leader and native grand-mother spent 48 days in jail, for a non-violent crime that was charged against her. After a year of the event, she still lives under restrictive bail conditions.

The Public Order Emergency Commission, or the trucker commission, was held in Ottawa in October last year. The whole process was to investigate if the invocation of the Emergencies Act was justified. For a duration of 36 days, the commission did hear the testimony of 76 witnesses. You can catch up on the commission with our coverage at TruckerCommission.com.

Derek Smith wanted to shed the light on the strong woman that is Tamara Lich and her story through the whole convoy. All the books produced by Derek Smith are available via Amazon.

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