WATCH: Save Pastor Tracy from $120K in COVID-19 fines

The pastor and church are facing up against the wrath of Alberta's government after refusing to kowtow to public health officers' Covid-19 compliance checks.

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Pastor Tracy Fortin and Edmonton's Church in the Vine were convicted of three counts each of obstructing a public health officer after Tracy admitted to preventing an Alberta Health Services (AHS) inspector from barging in to check for COVID-19 compliance during worship services.

Neither the church nor Tracy are accused nor were they convicted of violating COVID-19 protocols. The church has never been a super spreader event. Their real crime was obeying God over the government. To send a message to the government of Alberta, that the persecution of churches and other lockdown resisters must end, sign our petition at

Tracy and CITV have been supported in their legal battle by their longtime lawyer James Kitchen and by Rebel viewers through a partnership with the registered Canadian charity, The Democracy Fund. To make a tax-deductible donation to fund their appeal of the convictions, visit

At trial, the AHS inspector, who has since relocated to Southern Alberta testified that police had entered the children's room during Sunday school and that she saw Tracy's husband and co-pastor Rodney Fortin at the pulpit giving a sermon during one attempted inspection. That inspector said she saw people praying, singing, and reading their bibles inside the sanctuary.

Tracy never denied AHS the opportunity to inspect the church. She just wanted the inspectors to come back at an appropriate time. AHS never did.

Tracy is being punished because she made sure that the violation of the sanctity of the worship of the Church in the Vine congregation never happened again. She peacefully protected her flock, the way she says she is commanded by God to do and turned away the inspector three times. And she says she would not change a thing. She said she would do it all again. She says she has to answer to her God first. She told the judge she has to be able to sleep at night knowing she tried to do the right thing.

Rebel News will provide the candidates vying to replace Alberta premier Jason Kenney with a copy of the petition signed by thousands of people who have added their names to the list of those who want to see an end to the lockdown-enabled attacks on pastors, churches, and business owners. Albertans need to know where the people who want to be the next premier stand on freedom.

To add your name, please visit

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  • By Sheila Gunn Reid

PETITION: Save Pastor Tracy

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