'Zionist-infested areas': Anti-Israel protests increase in Canada over the holidays

Since the Hamas terror attack in early October, there has been a steep increase in far-left protests against Israel, including attempts to disrupt Christmas and the New Year celebrations.

'Zionist-infested areas': Anti-Israel protests increase in Canada over the holidays
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In the last several months, so-called pro-Palestinian demonstrators, aligned with union and university student organizations, have taken to the streets nationwide, calling for a ceasefire as Israel continues its fight to free remaining hostages from Hamas following the October 7 massacre carried out by the terror group against innocent Israelis.

During the 2023 holiday season, these activists targeted festivities, aiming to convey the message to Canadians that there are "no festivities during a genocide." The actions included violence towards those who disagreed and displayed rabid antisemitism towards the Jewish community, all while law enforcement watched.

In mid-December, various factions of anti-Israel protesters nationwide targeted malls. Families, including those with young children, who were trying to take photos with Santa, found their moments interrupted by the screams of the "pro-Palestine" mob.

In Toronto, a pro-Hamas thug inside Eaton Centre, protesting against the clothing company Zara, issued a death threat. The threat, "I'll cut you 6 feet deep," initially appeared directed at a uniformed officer. However, Toronto police Deputy Chief Lauren Pogue later confirmed that the expression was intended for one of the pro-Israel counter-protesters.

The following weekend, a call for action aimed at cancelling Christmas led to the takeover of Yonge-Dundas Square and a march through the streets. This action extended to the Toronto winter festival, previously organized. During the event, participants chanted in unison, making the false claim that Jesus was Palestinian and expressing wishes for a happy new year "from the river to the sea."

Rebel News documented the police response to the mob's demand on the ground, observing squads of police patrolling the mall and guarding the front entrance. "Queers 4 Palestine," a part of the anti-Israel crowd, took over the square. Meanwhile, Toronto police scolded several pro-Israel and pro-Canada counter-protesters for displaying their respective flags and signs denouncing the terrorist group, Hamas.

The police went as far as to shove a woman holding the flags of Israel and Canada off the road due to concerns that she might incite violence from the pro-Hamas crowd.

“Ma’am I’m not playing around with you” the officer said, “Don’t push me!” the woman responded.

Freedom activist Salman Sima was also harassed by law enforcement for being too pro-Canadian in front of the anti-Israel crowd.

"I choose my freedom over safety, OK," he remarked to the police who prevented him from walking to Yonge-Dundas with his Christmas poster and Canadian flag. A police officer is seen in footage posted by 6ixBuzzTV berating Sima for holding the flag, with threats that he'll "just take it" off his hands if it waves too close to him.

Later on during the rally, the anti-Israel mob blocked the pro-Canada protesters from walking through the streets of Toronto. One of them even ripped the Israeli and Canadian flags from a woman, stomping on them before running away.

As the march to cancel Christmas continued to Nathan Phillips Square, footage posted by Daniel Bordman on X (formerly known as Twitter) shows anti-Israel individuals violently attacking the counter-protesters. The attackers attempted to rip their flags and were surrounded by the mob, but the pro-Canada protesters managed to keep their flags intact.

They ended up dislocating Sima’s shoulder, and he was later hospitalized. Police made no charges or arrests. The anti-Israel mob then, in the early evening, went back to Eaton Centre and again disrupted shoppers inside while police stood by and escorted them outside. The activists continued their protests against the holidays, and the following week on Boxing Day, December 26, and the last weekend before the new year.

At this same time, the bridge on Avenue Road in Toronto was targeted, given its proximity to the Jewish neighbourhood. Meir Weinstein, a pro-Israel activist, has been documenting the Toronto police shutting down the entire street, preventing access to the 401, as the anti-Israel crowd demonstrates and waves flags and pro-Palestinian banners on the overpass.

In another video, one of the protesters is seen yelling at a Jewish man to “get the hell out of Canada.”

Even New Year's Eve was disrupted by the mob.

“No celebration until liberation!” a woman with the pro-Hamas crowd shouted in downtown Toronto.

In the nation’s capital, an Ottawa fitness trainer posted a video of his own celebrations that included the rabid ripping up of an Israeli flag and driving over it several times in a live lane of traffic.

“Best way to start off my new year,” the post read.

At the same time, Montreal had its faction out in full protest, with a man calling for violence.

“New Years resolution, intifada revolution!”

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