All of Rebel News journalists' questions from the English-language debate

See all of the questions posed to federal party leaders by Rebel journalists following last night's English-language debate.

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Just like the previous night at the French-language debate, Rebel News journalists featured prominently again in the aftermath of last night's English-language leaders' debate.

And, much like the night prior, the response from party leaders was mixed at best.

First up was Lincoln Jay, who got a question in to Bloc Quebecois leader Yves-Francois Blanchet. When asked about whether Blanchet agreed with Justin Trudeau's statement that there would be “consequences” for those who disagree on vaccine mandates and passports, Blanchet responded just as previously had to a self-described “reasonable question” from Rebel's Alexa Lavoie by declining to answer.

Next, Alexa Lavoie, who was in attendance at the debate, stepped to the microphone to ask Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a question. Trudeau, who offered a divisive, critical response to Rebel News following the French debate, was asked if he would address the issues surrounding a potential booster shot and whether individuals would need to receive one to be considered fully vaccinated, as is now the requirement in Israel.

Trudeau, responding in French, offered no answer to the question, only stating that he had made his feelings clear about Rebel News the night prior. Today, Canada's national vaccine advisory committee recommended a booster shot for immunocompromised individuals in Canada, potentially opening the door to a more broad rollout of third doses, though as of writing any potential requirement remains unclear.

The most viral moment of the media questions came when Rebel's Chief Reporter Sheila Gunn Reid was selected to ask New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh a question over the phone. The night prior, Singh was dismissive of consecutive questions from Rebel reporters, refusing to offer a response. Singh, who Sheila described as acting “like a child putting your hands ears” once again offered essentially no response.

Lastly, Rebel Mission Specialist David Menzies got through over the phone to ask Green Party leader Annamie Paul a question about why she's not spoken out against Rebel and other independent journalists being barred from the event prior to a court victory, and also whether it was wrong to exclude Maxime Bernier, given his People's Party is polling higher than both the Greens and Bloc. Paul, to her credit, responded to the question by saying that she was in favour of more debate and discussion among party leaders, giving them an opportunity to go more in-depth on more issues.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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