Journalists Need Therapy: Chad Prather (BlazeTV) | Andrew Says 74

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BlazeTV's resident cowboy Chad Prather (@WatchChad) returns to Andrew Says for some blunt truth and honesty.

Chad and Andrew discuss the widely-talked about Sports Illustrated cover that features a rather non-athletic model, as well as the new United States Press Secretary who is being praised chiefly for her 'diversity'.

Then, Prather explains his successful lawsuit against Facebook's censorious practices that saw him suspended just a week before he ran in a Texas election.

The pair discuss CBC looking for trauma therapists for their journalists and ask, “Is being a journalist really that tough?!”

On RebelNews+ exclusively, Prather gives his remarks on the 'Ultra MAGA' slogan that was rolled out by the Biden Administration after months of research by a left-wing firm.

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