Business during lockdowns & having your bank frozen | Shaun 'The Viking' Zimmer | Andrew Says 93

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Shaun “The Viking” Zimmer joins guest host Lincoln Jay on this week's Andrew Says to discuss his experience dealing with COVID-19 mandates while running a business and having his bank account frozen because of his involvement with the Freedom Convoy. 

Shaun is from Winnipeg, Manitoba. He's played a very active role in speaking out against the issues we've seen over the past two plus years, brought on by the pandemic.

Shaun describes what it was like to be fined thousands of dollars for simply running fitness classes in his backyard. He also dives into the details surrounding his bank account being frozen while he was in Ottawa supporting the trucker’s convoy.  

Behind the RebelNews+ paywall, you can find out Shaun’s thoughts on whether or not the Freedom Convoy played a role in the removal of most COVID-19 restrictions throughout Canada and whether or not the government will bring them back.

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