HE'S BACK! Antifa crosswalk harasser of 81-year-old woman hounds Rebel at Toronto tent city

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We have an update on the nauseating saga that is the Foodbenders story...

You might recall fabulous Foodbenders, Toronto’s unofficial cafe for the Antifa rank and file, an eatery where vulgarity and hatred is always on the menu and served up fresh daily!

Foodbenders’ owner Kimberly Hawkins hates, well... just about everything that’s decent, from Toronto’s Finest to the state of Israel.

For those not aware of our earlier reports regarding this Toronto restaurant near Bloor and Dufferin streets, here’s a recap: a posting in blogTO noted how Hawkins decided to hop aboard the Black Lives Matter movement by displaying a sidewalk sign that stated: “F*** the police.”

Not just bad police officers, mind you, but apparently, all police officers.

She also made odious statements on social media, actually going after the wives and the kids of police officers!

Hawkins received a heapin’ helpin’ of negative feedback for that. So much so that she — irony alert! — called the police (yeah, the very same folks being told to go F themselves!).

Oh, she also incredulously told blogTO that she believed people are being encouraged to protest her eatery by a few individual Toronto police officers.

Gee, with a sweetie like Hawkins running the joint, who needs dessert?

But get this: some allies have come to her defence. Such as Al-Alaa Soufi. Ring a bell? He’s the scholar who protested at a People’s Party of Canada rally last September in Hamilton. At one point he actually physically prevented 81-year-old Dorothy Martson from entering the venue, calling her a “Nazi” and a “racist” in the process.

Soufi, who works for his parents at their family restaurant on Queen Street, started a GoFundMe campaign for Foodbenders — even though Foodbenders is a competitor.

Gee, business must be booming at Soufi’s! (The campaign was shutdown around the $2,400 level, proving there are some people out there with more money than brain cells.)

And then there’s good ol’ Sid Ryan, president of the Ontario Federation of Labour and the Canadian Union of Public Employees. He sent an open letter to outgoing Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders decrying the cruel comments Foodbenders has endured (we’re sure the Chief is totally chocked up...) Still, your tax dollars hard at work yet again, folks.

Bottom line: to paraphrase that old saying, “Birds of a filthy feather flock together.”

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